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How to Make a Jammer With a Remote Control?

16 bands cell phone signal jammers
16 bands cell phone signal jammers

If you are interested in creating your own jammer, you may be wondering how to build one from a remote control. First, you should determine the frequency used by the remote in your country. Europe and Asia use 433 MHz, the US and Canada use 315 MHz, and 868 MHz is used for smart house stuff. You can pick and choose the type of jammer that will work best for you.

Most cell phones use 32.5 kHz for their communication frequency. By jamming this frequency, you will be able to interfere with the signal transmitted by the transmitter and receiver. As the signal is too fast for cameras to pick up, your jammed phone won’t have any signal bars and will be useless. You can use a formula to determine the frequencies needed for your jammer.

If you don’t have a wireless remote control, you can use a simple radio to jam wireless signals. Many mobile phone users carry one or two of these devices. Using a remote control to jam wireless signals will allow you to block cell phone calls in an area for as long as you can get the signal. You can even download a free app to use as a jammer detector. You can also use a Bluetooth device to block wireless communication.

Another way to jam the signals is to jam mobile phones. These devices are extremely useful, but some people use them in inconvenient locations. These people don’t know when to put their cell phones away when in public. Others simply don’t respect signs that prohibit cellular use. In case of an IED, you’ll want to prevent them from using your phone. This way, you’ll be preventing a tragedy from occurring.

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