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Can You Build a Cell Phone Jammer?

desktop signal jammers
desktop signal jammers

Using a cell phone jammer is possible if you are determined enough. While less sophisticated devices are only designed to jam one group of frequencies, more sophisticated ones can block several different kinds of networks, such as those used by dual-mode and tri-mode phones. In addition, some advanced jammers can even be tuned to specific frequencies. It is essential to know the exact frequencies that your jammer will need to work.

While some people are practicing good cell phone etiquette, many are not. In public places, many people are talking on their phones, causing others to be irritated. These people have taken steps to block the noise from annoying their fellow citizens. By implementing a cell phone jammer, you can turn off your cell phone with the push of a switch. It will then refuse to connect to any network unless you turn it back on.

As a result, the range of your jammer will depend on the frequency of the signal it is attempting to block. To get a clear idea of what frequencies your jammer will be able to block, start by determining the strength of cell phone signals in the area where you want to use it. Once you have determined the frequency, you can tweak the inductor and capacitor values to make the signal a noise. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the signal strength, the shorter the range.

The basic components of a cell phone jammer include a circuit amplifier and antennae that run out of the microchips. An 800MHz antenna is connected to the device’s main switch and to an antenna for reception. This makes it easier to control the device and set its parameters. Lastly, the circuit uses multiple TSSOP and SOT chips and a 0603 RC. Adding these parts to a device is illegal in the United States.

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