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Is it Possible to Make a Signal Jammer?

GPS Signal Jammer
GPS Signal Jammer

You may be wondering, “Is it possible to make a signal jammer?” Thankfully, it is. There are several components that must be put together to create a signal jammer. In this article, you will learn how to assemble a signal jammer, complete with two antennae that pick up different frequencies within a twenty-five-foot radius. While it may seem complicated, there are a few key components that are necessary for the jammer’s successful functioning.

A signal jammer works by blocking the signals between a cell phone and a cellular base station. It works by sending a signal that is stronger than the cell phone’s base station, thus denying it service in that area. Cell phones are designed to add power when they experience low-level interference, so if you use a signal jammer that has the same frequency as your cell phone, you will block its signals completely.

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