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Symptoms of a Cell Phone Signal Jammer

TX-E6 signal jammers
TX-E6 signal jammers

If you’re worried that you have a cell phone jammer in your home, you should know the signs to watch out for. While the device isn’t dangerous, it can interfere with your cell phone’s signal. It can cause a range of symptoms. First, you should know that cell phones aren’t the only ones that are affected by a jammer. This means that it will also affect the signal of your phone if you’re in a very weak area.

Another symptom of a cell phone jammer is that it interferes with GPS and WiFi. It can even interfere with police radar. The Federal Government has banned the sale, promotion, and use of these devices in the United States. Despite the laws, you may have to settle for ear plugs to keep your family and friends in the dark. If you’re unsure of how to spot a cell phone jammer, be sure to check with the manufacturer for instructions.

If you suspect that you’re being affected by a cell phone signal jammer, try to move away from the area in which the device is located. Most cell phone jammers have a range of about 30 square feet. You can get around this problem by switching frequencies on your phone, or by relocating to another location. Once you’ve left the area where you suspect the jammer is located, you can contact law enforcement or file a complaint with the FCC.

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