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The mobile phone signal jammer field

The mobile phone signal jammer field is a good way for you to improve your productivity and to reduce the time you spend on the phone.
The mobile phone signal jammer field is a good way for you to improve your productivity and to reduce the time you spend on the phone.

Personal mobile communication has made it easier to communicate with others. However, this has harmed prisons and detention centers. The management and security of prisons and detention centers will be significantly affected if the phone is illegally brought into the prison. A natural and effective mobile phone shielding system could provide strong technological and scientific guarantees for detention centers and prisons.
Because the market is still mixed, there are many low-cost mobile phone jammers that are not limited by reliability, performance, operating conditions, or other factors. They are best suited for civilian use. There may be problems in large spaces like prisons or detention centers. Some even affect public communication.

The cell phone signal jammer purchased by the Provincial Prison Administration causes such a disruption to surrounding public communications. Let me take a look at it, and, if necessary, I’ll correct it.

  1. Mobile phone signal shielding is technically a part of the wireless information shielding network. If the downlink signal is not recognized by the network and can’t be connected, the mobile phone does not meet the requirements for signal shielding.
  2. We all know that mobile phone signal shielding requires us to disrupt the downlink. However, due to technical costs, price and production, it can be challenging. Some manufacturers are not accurate in determining the frequency to increase interference. Scale adjustment is used to create disturbance energy for upward movement. This can significantly increase disturbance ability and serve a positive role. However, it is in the public’s best interest.
  3. The mobile phone signal can vary in a room. It may be different at different times and locations. It can reach 10dBm according to experience. The difference in conversion success rate is about 10 times. Mobile phone signal shielding is a complex project that requires high technical skills. It is not something you can do by simply purchasing a shielding device and installing your own. Site investigation, power accounting, and construction planning are all complementary and.
  4. Professionally speaking, the prison acquisition and installation of more than 300 mobile signal jammers is a significant problem. Signal shielding in large areas of clutter requires high-gain antennas. Small-scale shielding can be achieved by using small-scale antennas. The indoor antenna that leaks is shielded with the optimization method. Professionals must inspect the antenna’s viewpoint and debug the equipment to ensure that the prison is protected with no outside disturbance. You can use temporary antenna placement or high-quality portable shielding devices with low power for signal protection in schools.

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