40W High Power Cell Phone Desktop Signal Jammer with 14 Antennas, Wireless Signal Jammer for GPS / WiFi /2.4G/5g


TX-H14K This full spectrum jammer is with 14 channels and each channel has the RF output power to shield dangerous signal according to your own need.

The best way to improve cell phone signal, to protect your data and privacy, use a cell phone jammer. The cell phone jammer has 14 built-in antennas. It has a high-quality frequency range, which can protect your cell phone data and privacy. It is a great solution fo


This cell phone signal jammer can block the GSM and CDMA signals from cellular phones and other wireless devices. The Antennas of this Signal Jammer can block the signals from any direction, which can extend the range up to 10 meters.

Product Feature
1. Single antenna is with 3-5W output power to block signals efficiently and each antenna’s
power can be adjusted single or together with others
2. Low noise fan and Aluminum alloy shell to endure high temperature environment
3. Effectively making subsections of spectrum, only interfering downlink and bring no interception
of the base station


TXtelsig No.TX-H14K
Type14 antennas signal jammer
Power SupplyAC adapter
Shield Range5-20 meter (single antenna output power is 3-5W)
Shield Frequency2G 3G 4G GPS WiFi Customized 5G
Running Temperature-20ºC to +55ºC

Shield Details

Output portFrequencyAverage out-Channel out-
putting powerputting power
150MHZ135-200 MHz30dBm6dBm/30KHz(min)
250MHZ200-300 MHz30dBm1dBm/30KHz(min)
350MHZ300-400 MHz30dBm1dBm/30KHz(min)
450MHZ400-500 MHz29dBm-2dBm/30KHz(min)
550MHZ500-600 MHz29dBm-3dBm/30KHz(min)
650MHZ600-700 MHz29dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
750MHZ700-800 MHz29dBm-2dBm/30KHz(min)
CDMA851-894 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
GSM925-960 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
DCS1805-1990 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
3G2110-2170 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
WIMAX2300-2400 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
WIFI2400-2500 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)
4G2620-2690 MHZ30dBm3dBm/30KHz(min)

1. School, Exam Room, Prison, Club, Government
2. Conference Room, Auditoriums, Law court
3. Cinema, Theater museum
4. Place where mobile and other signals are prohibited such as service station, military, hospital
border petrol, Customs, etc.

Weight4.3 kg

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