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LOLIN WiFi Jammer

LOLIN WiFi Jammer

lolin wifi jammer

Is a WiFi jammer needed to block the WiFi signal? If so, then read this article to find out how to build your own wifi jammer. Unlike a traditional jammer, which interferes with *signal*, a lolin WiFi jammer can effectively block all WiFi networks. It can be used outdoors and has a range of up to 1,500 meters. This device is a useful piece of technology if you want to use drones or other wireless devices.

Phantom Technologies’ wifi jammer interferes with *signal*

A WiFi jammer, such as the LOLIN WiFi jammer from Phantom Technologies, can be programmed to either block or allow WiFi signals depending on a number of factors. The lolin wifi jammer can be programmed to interfere with one or more discrete frequencies, and has a 20-meter disruption radius. It also has the ability to block any frequency range, including those used for 911 calls and air-traffic control.


The LOLIN WiFi jammer, also known as a WiFi glushilka, is an open source device used to block the wireless signals. They can be used for surveillance and forensic purposes. This device is made using an ESP8266 chip. To learn how to make one yourself, visit You’ll be glad you did. It is the perfect solution to jam wireless signals from a cell phone or a WiFi router.


The LOLIN WiFi jammer ESP12E can prevent unauthorized access to wireless networks. The unit has a simple interface that allows the user to control it. Its COM port enables the user to use the device as a wireless router or a WiFi hotspot. Once the device is connected to the WiFi network, the user can enter a password to access it. The URL provided in the instructions should be read carefully to ensure that the device will function in the intended manner.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi module

A Lolin ESP8266 Wi-Fi signal jammer is an effective device that disrupts or blocks a wireless network signal. It is a programmable logic circuit that is compatible with a variety of Wi-Fi access points. A jammer can interfere with a WiFi signal by weakening its radio wave path, preventing the original signal from reaching its intended user. However, jamming does not only affect wireless networks, but can also interfere with GPS, radar, and other electronic systems.

Lolliin wifi jammer

The Lolliin wifi jammer is a small, portable, and effective device that will block signals from wireless networks. Its high-quality, water-resistant body will prevent the device from tumbling in the water. This device also has a range of about 10 meters, so it’s effective for protecting sensitive data away from the home. The battery life of this device is also two hours, so it’s perfect for long road trips and other outdoor activities.

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