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5Ghz Long Range WiFi Jammer

5Ghz Long Range WiFi Jammer

long range wifi jammer

A long-range WiFi jammer can effectively block or slow down wireless connections. These devices operate in the 5Ghz frequency band, which is much less crowded than other frequencies. This band is also commonly used for video streaming, remote controls, and professional private networks. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various types of 5Ghz jammers. Read on to learn more. Here are some examples of jammers for this band.


A WLJ100D long range WiFi jammer is a powerful device for blocking Wi Fi signals. It is controlled by a Microprocessor and transmits a narrow band white noise signal to jam predefined Wi-Fi channels and Bluetooth communications. The jamming range is 20 meters and it can be remotely controlled through an SNMP terminal. Designed to protect your privacy, this WiFi jammer can be a great investment.

This WiFi signal jammer is waterproof and comes with high-quality Lithium-Polymer batteries. The jammer’s range is 15-30 meters in open spaces, but can be as long as hundreds of meters in canyons. However, using one is not advisable unless it is required for safety reasons. If you want to protect your privacy, you should not use a jammer in an area where there is high risk of a security breach.


While this jammer is effective, the technology is untested. It is illegal to use in many countries, cities and states. Before buying, you should first check local laws. In some places, such as New York, jammers are restricted to law enforcement and federal personnel. These devices are also unsuitable for use in drones, which are operated remotely. Luckily, the Battelle Memorial Institute has developed a directional jammer called DroneDefender that is legal to use in government-owned UAVs.

Compared to other jammers, this TSJ UAV jammer can also interfere with GPS signals. This can be an effective solution for combating drones. In addition, the jammers cover various bands and models of GPS devices. Jammers4u constantly responds to market demands and security trends. Their range of jammers is extensive, with a wide range of models to suit every need. You can easily buy a jammer from Jammers4u to keep the sky clear of drones.

WiFi Mini Signal Blocker

If you’re looking for a WiFi Mini Signal Blocker that will provide long-range coverage and block cell phone and WiFi signals, you’ve come to the right place. With the right model, you can block these signals in a range of 40 meters or more. There are a few differences between the two models, but they all have one thing in common: both types block the same type of signal. You can choose either a 4GHz or a 5GHz jammer, which means you’ll be able to block both types of signals.

The first difference between the two types of jammers is their capacity to jam more than one channel at once. Some of the more expensive jammers can jam multiple signals at once, while others only work on a single channel. In addition, portable jammers typically only cover a small area and require batteries. For larger areas, you’ll need a desktop jammer. There are two main types of wifi jammers.

5Ghz jammer

Compared to other frequency bands, the 5Ghz band is less crowded. This band is used for a variety of purposes, including professional private networks, video streaming, and remote controls. You can find a 5Ghz long range wifi jammer that fits your needs. You can choose from different power levels and frequency ranges, or customize the jammer to jam only the frequencies you need. Below are some of the main types of jammers you can purchase.

A WiFi jammer is a tool that can cut off wireless signals completely. It can prevent wireless network intrusion and can protect your privacy. You can purchase a high-quality jammer from an online store such as Lazada. You can pay using several different payment options including Credit Cards, Installments, and Gcash. All these options allow you to purchase the best WiFi jammer for your needs.

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