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Are Mobile Phone Jammers Legal?

Are Mobile Phone Jammers Legal?

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The popularity of mobile phones has increased the demand for mobile phone jammers. However, there are several concerns regarding the use of mobile phone jammers. These include the health risks of emf, as well as the possibility of causing various diseases. Some studies have found that electromagnetic fields are linked to depression, infertility, and even failures during pregnancy. Whether or not mobile phone jammers are legal depends on the type of jammer and its size.

Legality of mobile phone jammers

While some countries have banned the use of mobile phone jammers, others have set strict rules regarding their use. For example, it is illegal for any private entity or individual to operate a jammer, while the use of such devices is allowed by law-enforcement agencies and the military. In other countries, such as Pakistan, the use of jammers is only allowed under specific licenses, which is difficult to get for non-government entities.


There are several different types of mobile phone jammers. Some of these devices are used to block cellular phone signals, while others function as noise generators. A cell phone jammer works by suppressing the communication from the base station and blocking its return signal. As a result, incoming calls made from mobile phones within the jammer’s range cannot be received. Some types of mobile phone jammers are used in churches and temples.


Sizes of mobile phone jammers vary considerably depending on the use and location of the device. Some are designed to look like personal cell phones, while others are reminiscent of routers with multiple antennas. Personal cell phones have a maximum range of 30 to 100 feet or meters, but a more powerful jammer can create dead space as far as one mile. This type of device is useful to block out calls during presidential motorcades and prevent terrorists from setting off bombs at a distance.

Effects on health

Mobile phone jammers have been introduced to the market to curb the effects of these devices on health. According to the latest reports, these devices have the potential to reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. Some studies show that these devices can improve a person’s hearing threshold, reduce the amount of blood sugar and lower the chances of getting depression. Researchers also noted that mobile phone jammers can increase the chances of pregnancy, according to a recent study.


While cell phone signals are not so harmful to humans, they can be a nuisance to other people. Portable cell phone jammers can be useful in places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as in prisons, museums, and business meetings. They are also useful in temples and churches, concerts, movie theaters, and other high-profile organizations. Initially, these devices were only used in the defense sector, but are now used in numerous other industries. They work even when people forget to switch off their mobiles.

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