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Why Buy a Powerful Jammer 100W?

Why Buy a Powerful Jammer 100W?

Powerful Jammer 100W

powerful jammer is one of the best ways to combat mobile phone use. These devices are capable of blocking the signals of up to four cell phone frequencies at once. This makes them ideal for use in prisons, guard stations, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Their total output power is up to 600W, which is enough to block all major networks. A jammer of this caliber is also ideal for blocking all types of remote control signals.

Most jammer models cover the 2.4GHz standard band, which is compatible with home WIFI devices. These devices include computers, game consoles, televisions, and mobile phones. These devices are also compatible with 2.4GHz networks, including the iPad, Android smartphone, and the Netbook. If you are concerned about the compatibility of your device, you may want to consider purchasing a jammer that can cover all three frequencies.

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