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Things to Consider When Buying a Mobile Phone Jammer

Things to Consider When Buying a Mobile Phone Jammer

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The proliferation of mobile phone jammers has largely been a consequence of the lack of effective penalties. The FCC has yet to hold anyone responsible, and people are not always able to distinguish between poor signal strength and a jamming device. Even if a jammer does interfere with phone signals, it’s hard to tell what it’s doing without the help of a technician. If you are considering purchasing a mobile phone jammer, here are some things to consider.

Low-powered mobile phone jammer

A low-powered mobile phone jammer is a device which interferes with the signals of wireless networks. It has the ability to block cdma, gsm, dcs/phs, and 3g networks. The user can use a tuning circuit to select the desired frequency of the jammer. Xeos Technologies chose septentrio’s AsteRx-m OEM GNSS board to build their low-powered jammer.

High-end jammer blocks all frequencies at once

A high-end mobile phone jammer is the best choice for individuals who want to block the signals of all the cell phones in their vicinity. This jammer can block multiple frequencies at once and is much more powerful than the cheaper models. It is quite affordable, but you have to remember that cheap models are ineffective and break easily. The most important feature of a mobile phone jammer is its frequency range.

Impact on lymphocytes

One of the main questions that we face is the impact of a mobile phone jammer on the lymphocytes and other hematological factors. This study looked at two factors: the mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), which is the amount of hemoglobin per RBC, and the red blood cell distribution width (RCWD), a measure of the deviation of the size of the RBC in a sample of blood.

Impact on WBC counts

Researchers studied the effect of a mobile phone jammer on the WBC counts of rats. The rats were randomly divided into three groups, each of ten: the control group did not receive any radiation, the sham group had a switched-off jammer, and the experimental group was exposed to a Mobile Phone Jammer five days a week. Blood factors were measured in the heart, and the results were analyzed using ANOVA and Duncan’s test. The results of the experiment show that the rats were exposed to the Mobile Phone Jammer for eight hours.


While mobile phone jammers are useful for a number of different applications, they are especially useful in places of worship, workplaces, and classrooms. These areas are becoming increasingly crowded as every teenager seems to own the latest smartphone. However, cell phone noise can interfere with classroom lessons and tests, so governments around the world are beginning to consider installing cell phone jammers in sensitive areas. Listed below are some of the benefits of mobile phone jammers.

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