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The Three Subcircuits of a Mobile Phone Jammer

The Three Subcircuits of a Mobile Phone Jammer

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A mobile phone jammer can block various frequencies. This device is generally divided into Low-end and High-end types. The high-end jammers block all frequencies at once, while the low-end jammers only block a single frequency. Let’s take a look at the three subcircuits of a mobile phone jammer. If you are considering purchasing one, it’s worth knowing the differences between these three types of devices.

High-end jammers block all frequencies at once

Cell phone jammers are powerful devices that interfere with the transmission of wireless signals. These devices work by imitating legitimate phone signals on the same frequency as a cell phone, preventing the phone from making or receiving calls. The jammers operate on different frequencies, some of which block all of them at once. They are an excellent solution for individuals who want to silence annoying prank calls and avoid being harassed by people.

High-end devices are able to completely block multiple cellular networks at once. The best jammers are capable of blocking several different frequencies at once, which makes them extremely effective against both cell phone networks and callers. Some models can even be programmed to jam specific frequencies. A high-end jammer will be able to block all frequencies at once, and can also interfere with dual or triple-mode phones.

Low-end jammers block only one frequency at a time

While the high-end mobile phone jammers block multiple frequencies simultaneously, low-end models block only one. These low-end jammers are typically much smaller and can fit in the palm of your hand. They block only one frequency at a time and are less expensive than their higher-end counterparts. They also only cover a small area. Compared to high-end jammers, they can significantly reduce cell phone calls.

The operating principle of cell phone jammers is similar to that of a home stereo. The signal is sent from cell phones to a cell phone tower, which splits the workload across specific areas. The jamming device is placed between these two towers and mimics the cell phone signal by sending radio frequencies to the same frequency as the cell phone. Unlike the phone signal, this signal is sufficiently strong to block the signals.

Range of mobile phone jammers

The range of mobile phone jammers can vary from low-power personal jammers to large devices that create dead spaces for as much as a mile. The power of the jammer will also depend on its location. Hills and buildings can block the signal, so a low-powered unit will likely only jam calls within 30 feet. But higher-powered models are able to create cell-free zones the size of a football field. Jammers are designed to interfere with both digital and analog mobiles.

To jam a cell phone signal, it is important to use a device that works on the correct frequencies. The frequencies used by different cellular systems are different, so the range of jamming devices will vary. GSM operates in the 900-MHz band in Europe and Asia, and 1900 MHz in the United States. But there are jammers that work on all frequencies, and these devices are equally effective against GSM, PCS, and Nextel systems. Jammers that block the signals of analog cell phones are just as susceptible to jamming as their counterparts.

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