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The Shielding Range of a Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer
Cell Phone Jammer

A cell phone jammer can be used to stop cellular signal and prevent unauthorized calls from being placed. However, it cannot stop IEDs, such as bombs, from going off. However, it can change the trigger used to detonate the bomb to a different trigger, such as loss of cell-tower connectivity. If this problem is not a concern, you can consider purchasing a jammer.

A cell phone jammer comes in different styles and power. Some look like personal cell phones, while others resemble routers with several antennas. A personal cell phone jammer can create a bubble about 30 feet, while more powerful devices can produce a dead zone up to one mile. A cell phone jammer can be useful for protecting the surrounding area around a presidential motorcade or preventing terrorists from detonating bombs from miles away.

A cell phone jammer is not a toy, and it is illegal in many countries. In addition to limiting cell phone signals, jammers can interfere with public safety radios. Because they lack the power to overcome jamming, front-line police and firefighters cannot communicate with one another. Furthermore, faraday cages can violate building codes. They are illegal. Therefore, if you want to purchase a jammer, check whether it’s legal in your country.

Cellular jammers work by blocking signals from the base station. As a result, cellular phones within the range of the jammer are turned off. In general, cell phone jammers are used in areas where silence is expected. For example, an ambulance is likely to be very loud, causing it to interfere with your conversation. They work by blocking both cell phone frequencies. The range of the jammer depends on its power.

To jam cell phones, you must use a device that can broadcast on the appropriate frequencies. Different cell phone networks process signals differently. Among these, GSM operates on the 900-MHz band in Europe and the 1800-MHz band in the United States. A jammer of this type can work with any cellular network regardless of its frequency, and can disrupt calls and SMS messages from both cellular networks.

While it may not be a practical device to use every time, a cell phone jammer can be useful when you need to communicate with the outside world. It can prevent a doctor from receiving a call from a donor and may even drop a phone call for a second. With the power of these devices, you can block all communication from all of your neighbors. In some cases, cell phone jammers can be used to foil explosives.

One of the main concerns with active RF jamming equipment is the possible unintended effects they can cause. These devices can interfere with medical equipment and explosives. If you have a cell phone jammer in your house, make sure to get a shielding range of at least 20 meters. The B88 desktop jammer is an example of a cell phone jammer with a shielding range of 20-60 meters.

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