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The Legal Uses of a Cell Phone Jammer

The Legal Uses of a Cell Phone Jammer

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Portable cell phone jammers can be as small as a cell phone. They block calls in areas up to 60 feet and create a dead zone the size of a football field. The signal blockers are legal and can be used for many different purposes. This article will cover the legal uses of a cell phone jammer and discuss some of the more common types available. Here are some tips to keep your signal blocker in good condition:

High-power 30W jammer effectively shields 2G 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals and WIFI signals

This high-power 30W cell phone signal jammer can effectively shield 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phone signals and WIFI signals. This device is composed of antennas and a power cable. The dimensions of the device are 210x139x50mm and can block signals for up to 50 meters. The device is capable of blocking all mobile phone bands and several other frequency bands. The jammer can effectively block even the most advanced 4G network. The antennas are numbered accordingly and the output power of each channel can be adjusted by hand.

This high-power device features a large jamming range, a single-frequency control switch, and a high-power circuit. The high-powered device is lightweight and portable and features an elegant design. It is capable of disrupting up to 6 distinct frequencies and has a good heat dissipation system. It is highly effective against both 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile phone signals and can also block wifi signals and GPS.

Portable jammers can be as small as a cell phone

Jammers are small devices that broadcast radio signals that disrupt cellular signals. While some areas have laws against jammers, others have no such laws. In some instances, a jammer can be used for law enforcement purposes. In Italy, for example, the jammer may be used by police to prevent terrorists from detonating bombs while hundreds of miles away. Regardless of the situation, these devices may be useful in your own home or in a public space.

To jam cell phones, you must use a device that broadcasts on the right frequencies. The different types of cellular systems use different frequencies, but all of them use radio signals. For example, GSM uses the 900 MHz band in Europe and Asia, while TDMA uses the 1800 MHz band in the United States. Jammers can be effective against CDMA, TDMA, GSM, DCS, Nextel, and AMPS systems. Even analog cell phones can be jammed.

Legal uses of a cell phone jammer

Although most countries ban cell phone jammers, some allow their use under certain circumstances. Jammers can interfere with 911 calls, air-traffic control and radio communications. Some countries even ban them completely. The UK is one of them, but many others have specific rules for the use of jammers inside jails. Regardless of where you’d like to use a cell phone jammer, there are some things you should know.

In the US, the use of jamming equipment is illegal. It can interfere with law enforcement communications, put people in danger, and make emergency calls impossible. Because of these risks, federal law prohibits their use, marketing and sale. Even worse, the use of a jammer in prisons is punishable by imprisonment or a $16,000 fine. And if the government does get hold of your jamming equipment, you can be held indefinitely.

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