Anti Tracking GPS L1 L2 2 Antennas Signal Jammer

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This Anti Tracking GPSL1 L2 Signal jammer is used to prevent somebody from the tracking problem. Whenever you are driving, travelling, especially girls alone, and you may worry a lot about safety issue of being followed by a stranger or the dangerous group.

The GPS L1 L2 2 Antennas Signal Jammer is a perfect solution for blocking GPS L1 L2 signals. It is a two-way jammer and can jam GPS signals from L1 L2 satellites.


Anti Tracking GPS L1 L2 Antennas Signal Jammer, the use of GPS tracking is becoming more and more common in today’s society, but it’s very important to protect our privacy and safety.

Anti Tracking GPSL1 L2 Signal jammer 

1.Product Introduction

aAlso, some mortgage car vehicle company definitely need this Anti Tracking GPSL1 L2 Signal jammer. When somebody’s car in the company, or someone buy a mortgage car from the company, they worry the car be tracked or tailed by the original owner, and car is easily be stolen.


Product TypeAnti Tracking GPS L1 L2 Signal jammer
Jamming Range5-10 meter
Working BandGPS L1 1560-1620 MHz
GPS L2 1100-1300 MHz
Average Output Power2 Watt
Total Output Power4 Watt
Battery TypeRechargable Lithium Battery
Battery Duration2-5 hours
OutShell MaterialRe oxidation Aluminum Alloy
Antenna TypeOmni directional Antenna
Work Temperature-40℃~75℃
Relative Humidity35~85%
Power InputAC110~240V
Power OutputDC 12V
AccessoryAC adapter,Car charger,User Manual

3.Product Feature

* Can shield all GPS tracking signal around some one

* Totally anti tracking, anti tailing, a safety promise

* Long time use by inside lithium battery 2-5 hours rechargeable

* Direct use on vehicle by a car cigarette lighter

* Durable aluminum alloy out shell, waterproof, dust proof, heat resistant

* Functional high gain antenna

* Anti Tracking GPSL1 L2 Signal jammer

4.Multi Application

For this Anti Tracking GPSL1 L2 Signal jammer:

Anti tracking when driving alone

Anti tailing when personal travelling

Anti GPS global positioning system

5.More Photo

Greutate0.3 kg
Dimensiuni11 × 11 × 11 cm

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