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Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Many people are unaware that a portable cell phone signal jammer is available on the market. Whether you’re trying to watch a movie or dine in quiet silence, a cell phone signal jammer is an indispensable tool. The devices can block the signals from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile phones. And while these devices may not offer the protection of a security system, they can definitely block the signals of nearby cell phones.

EST-808H10 is a portable cell phone signal jammer

The EST-808H10 is a highly effective portable cell phone signal jammer that blocks the signals of up to three mobile phones. It blocks cell phone signals by transmitting ‘white noise’ on the same frequencies as the cell phone’s radio transmissions. This disruption disrupts the communication between the cell phone’s base station and handset. In addition, this type of jammer is not detectable.

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag is a portable cell phone signal jammer

The Mission Darkness Non-Window Farady Bag is a portable cell phone signal jamming bag that shields your phone from hackers. This device blocks wireless signals, protecting you from tracking, spying, and other malicious activities. The bag is also waterproof and made of ballistic nylon. In most countries, it is illegal to use signal jammers.

TX-N5 can block 2G 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals

This high-performance mobile phone signal jammer is designed to jam the signals of cell phones, WIFI, and GPS devices. The device’s shielding range is approximately 25 meters. Its small footprint and built-in 1800 mAh battery provide a two-hour autonomy. It blocks up to 99% of mobile phone signals and protects confidential negotiations, location, and more. The compact silencer blocks GSM, 3G, and GPS signals.


If you want to shield yourself from rude commuters, then you can get a portable cell phone signal jammer. They are great for many different purposes, including blocking GPS tracking signals and shielding drivers’ calls. These devices can also be used in vehicles, theaters, and even on trains where cell phone use can be dangerous. A portable cell phone signal jammer can even be recharged on the go. It can also be used in business settings to keep sales calls to a minimum and prevent dangerous people from following private cars.


A WiFi portable cell phone signal jammer can be an effective tool to block the signals of your cellphone, but you must be careful while using it. The Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 bans deliberate interference with radio communications and carries a maximum fine of two years in jail. It also prohibits the manufacture, importation, and possession of jamming devices. Therefore, you should consult the manufacturer or tech support before using a jamming device.

Police radar

Police radar detectors use lasers and lidar systems to determine a car’s speed. Jamming the signals from these radars can help drivers avoid speeding tickets. Police radar jammers work by generating a signal at the frequency of the police radar, and turning it on and off at the desired Doppler shift. You can vary the frequency of this signal by adjusting the switch’s frequency. The signal from your car is combined with the signal from the police radar, and the signal from the radar jammer blocks the signals from both.

Exam room

Using a portable cell phone signal jammer for the exam room can help prevent cheating. These devices block cell phone signals in the exam room, thus preventing communication and internet use. They are also effective at blocking WiFi signals, which can cause interference in the work environment. Portable cell phone signal jammers are available in various styles. This article provides some of the most important benefits of this technology. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Meeting room

A Portable cell phone signal jammer is an excellent solution to the problem of constant phone noise in a meeting room. By blocking the phone signals, participants in the meeting can concentrate on the important issues and challenges they are facing instead of being distracted by the buzzing of mobile phones. Additionally, the jammer will prevent callers from calling, displaying an automated voice message to them that their number is not in service area.

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