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Jammers – general information

Cell Phone Blocker
Cell Phone Blocker

We warn customers against purchasing weaker and cheaper jammers. They will not be as safe as the ones on our website.

The jammers are visually similar to our store but have different power levels. They also have a weaker integrated circuit and a weak processor with very low power. It may catch fire if there are motherboards inside.

It is mostly about 4G LTE bands and 4G WiMAX.

Jammers can be used to remove GSM wiretaps and radio wiretaps. Depending on your needs, we offer both stationary and portable jammers for wiretaps and GPS signals.

We can eliminate spy devices that use GSM technology with the aid of jammers. Spy Phone wiretaps and cell phones, GSM wiretaps with SIM cards, GSM cameras with a GSM module and wireless Internet, Bluetooth exam kits, wifi routers, and all types of GPS locators, well as those for SIM cards, will be eliminated or corrected by jammers.

Wireless connectivity relies on radio signals to transmit and receive information at various frequencies. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ordinary radio, remote controller, drone controller or mobile phone; everything communicates via radio waves to one another. All these devices communicate using different frequencies to ensure that they don’t interfere with one another. Using properly configured jammers, all these frequencies can be jammed to block communication between receivers and transmitters.

You can choose between more or less complicated jammers depending on the purpose of your jam. The jammer generates its signal at a pre-programmed frequency, so other devices in its range cannot hear anything else.

The jammers’ range is dependent on many factors, such as the transmitting power, antenna gain and the type of signal modulation.

GSM jammers can have a different range for each band. GSM 900, GSM 1800, and 3G,4G bands jammers can block a specific band at different distances.

Blocking the 3G and 4G bands is most difficult. The jammer must be able to get the smallest radius. The terrain conditions, proximity to lbs and BTS transmitters, and network traffic can all affect the coverage of two places.

It is impossible to determine the radius that a jammer will offer based on these factors. The radius of a jammer is always provided within a certain range. Extreme cases may cause the field to differ from the parameters when the transmitters of the bts are very close.

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