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How to Make Wi-Fi Jammers

How to Make Wi-Fi Jammers

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Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to make your own Wi-Fi jammer, especially if you use a microcontroller called the ESP12E. It’s a tiny microcontroller popular among hackers for its Wi-Fi hacking capabilities. By modifying this tiny device, you can block any type of Wi-Fi connection, jam any existing Wi-Fi connection, and much more. Here’s how.

Cell phone jammer

If you have ever been annoyed by a nagging colleague for talking on their phone or checking their messages while in class, you might consider making your own cell phone jammer. You can purchase a desktop jammer that can block signals for cell phones within a range of 20-60 meters. Then, simply turn it on and walk away. This is a perfect solution to employee distraction. But, how do you use it?

Drone signal jammer

Using a Drone signal jammer to intercept a drone’s signal requires precision and complex calculations. The signal from the drone must be jammed without disrupting other radio signals. If it does, it could affect other moving objects. According to Dave Preece, CDO at Fortem Technologies, the jammer must account for multiple variables, such as speed, distance, angle of arrival, and other variables. Drones are small, fast-moving objects, and this can make jamming a difficult process.

WiFi signal jammer

WiFi signal jammer can be very useful when there is too much network usage. It will cut down on neighboring signals while at the same time keeping the signal close to the source. Although jamming devices are illegal in most countries, they are widely used by people who want to prevent WiFi abuse. These devices can also be used as a security measure. Regardless of your reason for needing a WiFi signal jammer, there are several things you should know before making one.

4GHz WiFi Mini Signal Blocker

There are many advantages to owning a 4GHz WiFi Mini Signal Blocker. These devices are a lot less expensive than their 5GHz counterparts. Additionally, if you want to jam wireless signals, they are illegal. This is because they can be traced and violate federal law. However, you can avoid causing trouble for yourself and your family by purchasing a 4GHz WiFi Mini Signal Blocker. In addition to its practical uses, it can also be used as a cell phone jammer.

22-antenna 5G WiFi signal jammer

This 22-antenna 5G WiFi Signal Jammer is a powerful device designed to disrupt the signals of 5G mobile phones. Its output power is 42 watts and it has an infrared remote control. It can shield mobile phones and wifi simultaneously and can block signals as far as 300 meters away. The device can also block signals from GPS and LOJACK. This powerful device is ideal for home use or office protection.

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