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How Does a Jammer Work?

N16 Portable Cell phone signal jammer
N16 Portable Cell phone signal jammer


If you’re wondering how a jammer works, you’ve come to the right place. Jammers prevent mobile phones from receiving or transmitting signals. They work by disrupting the frequency range used by cell phones to communicate. When your cell phone picks up a signal, it scans a range of frequencies for it. Jammers cover a wide range of frequencies. They sweep through many bands, disrupting signals and preventing the cell phone from making calls.

While it’s not always obvious how a jammer works, there are a few key features that make it easy to recognize. Jamming signals are easy to recognize, but not to memorize! Identifying them formally is important, but not mandatory. Random noise is a synthetic radio noise that can be mistaken for atmospheric noise. It degrades all types of signals. As a result, operators often mistakenly identify atmospheric noise as jamming signals.

A jammer works by blocking the signal of a cell phone or a mobile phone. Cell phone towers are separated into zones to carry the workload. The jamming device imitates the signals of legitimate cell phones and blocks them from reaching each other. The jammer’s signal is strong enough to outmuscle the cell phone’s signal. It blocks signals between cell phones and towers for a few meters.

Jamming devices are not hard to install. Most jamming devices come unassembled. Assembly usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Bare-bones jammers don’t need much setup, but more complex models need to be tweaked or initialized. Jammers are widely used in many different situations. While they originate in military applications, they are now widely used for civilian purposes as well. It is possible to buy a jammer that works with your network mode.

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