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How does GPS jamming work?

To fully comprehend the way GPS jammers function to work, it’s first important to comprehend the way GPS trackers work. Each GPS device functions similarly using a trilateration technique to determine the position as well as the speed and altitude of an object. GPS devices communicate with satellites using sophisticated technology to communicate the location along with the date and timing that is transmitted by their GPS device. Through GPS satellites, GPS devices calculate the duration and distance for signals to be transmitted through the devices to a satellite in order to identify the precise location of the object. The typical GPS tracker makes use of information from four to five satellites in order to create precise real-time navigation or positioning.

An GPS signal jammer functions by interfering with signal transmissions from satellites to the GPS device. Signal jammers cause an interference pattern through the transmission of signals that are similar to that of GPS device, but with a smaller range and more power. The result is noise that blocks the transmission pathway that connects GPS or GSM networks like 3G, 2G, and 4G. These networks are usually targets of cell phone jammers. But, desktop and Wi-Fi jammers employ the same method in order to shut Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi signal.

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