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Do Cell Phone Signal Jammer Effect on Our life?

Mobile jammers will be abounding throughout the world.
Mobile jammers will be abounding throughout the world.

You may have wondered why cell phone signal jammers are used. It’s true that blocking the signal of a cell phone will prevent it from reaching a particular area. This could be useful if you have employees whose cell phones may be used to send sensitive information to other people. However, it can also be an annoying and time-wasting problem. A cell phone signal jammer works by blocking a cell signal so that all incoming calls will be blocked.

Despite claims that cell phone signal jammers have no effect on our daily lives, the truth is that they can be harmful to our health. Cellphone carriers pay billions of dollars to lease frequencies from the government in hopes that no one else will interfere with their signals. Verizon Wireless spends nearly $6 billion every year building and maintaining its network. By using a signal jammer, this money is being wasted.

While cell phones are necessary for many people, they should not interfere with sacred sites. A church would benefit from a cell phone signal jammer, but the congregation might find it unappealing. A theater could install one when the lights dim and not allow cell phone use while the audience is there. In this case, people would be forced to find alternative means of entertainment. This could also be effective in the case of terrorism, if there is a threat of violence in the area.

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