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What’s the difference between civilian and military jammers?

A civilian signal jammer is designed for non-military use. It can be used for both personal and business applications. A military jammer is used for military applications.

Powerful desktop Siganls jammers from this category work with many frequency ranges, starting from cell phone networks and ending with satellite navigation and wireless internet.
Powerful desktop Signal jammers
  1. They differ in the area, scope, and building structure they use.
  2. The prison must shield its surrounding environment (distance from other buildings and structures) to be used in a complex and unique way. To ensure that the protected area has the desired effect, it is necessary to maintain regular calls in shielded and non-shielded regions.
  3. The shielding for civil events is temporary and straightforward. Therefore, it is relatively easy in terms of floor construction, scope, and area.

They are not the same thing.

  1. 1. Mobile phone signal shielding is a professional, modern communication signal shielding technique, especially in military and detention centers. This environment places higher demands on mobile phone signal shielding technology. Mobile phone signals can vary in frequency at different times. Military use and detention centers are designed to meet the requirements for the highest signal time. This power redundancy is also competent in confidential and high-reliability situations to provide a stable and effective shielding effect. This shielding requirement is wholly shielded and operates continuously, 365 days a year. A high-quality shielding system for mobile phones is necessary to meet such special events.
  2. 2. To establish a mobile signal jammer for civilian use, it is unnecessary to consider any external factors. It is intermittent work and is intended to be quiet. They serve entirely different purposes.

Failure or leakage can have different consequences.

  1. 1. It is possible that there may be severe consequences if the signal shielding system for mobile phones is damaged in a highly demanding situation, such as prison.
  2. 2. It is irrelevant what the general civilian use is. They don’t care if it is good or not. There will be no consequences.

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