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Cell Phone Jammers Spark Talk Everywhere

Signal Jammers
Signal Jammers

In recent days, cell phone jammers have been causing a stir with the media. The Federal Communications Commission fined a Florida man for using an illegal signal jammer on his daily commute. He wanted to prevent drivers from using their cell phones while on the road. Meanwhile, an agreement reached in the nation’s capital could help South Carolina end the use of illegal mobile phones in prisons. The illegal mobile phones fuel crime behind bars.

In addition to disrupting the use of cell phones, signal jammers are used to block the signals from being transmitted to cell phones. This type of technology can be used in many settings, including schools, theaters, vehicles, and even quiet train rides. Because cell phone use can be disruptive or even deadly, many places do not want people to talk on their phones. Hence, the proliferation of signal jammers in the workplace is a growing trend.

A Philadelphia television station reported on a man who was caught using a cell phone jammer on a public bus. He called the use of cell phones on public transportation “rude” and “annoying.” The story spread across the nation and, before long, the phrase “cell phone jammer” was one of the top searches on Google Trends. That is, it was ranked right up there with Lindsay Lohan’s “SNL” performance and the news about the Super Tuesday primaries.

The exact location of a cell phone signal jammer is unknown, but it can be determined using the strength of signal from neighboring cells. The distance from the jammer to the cell phone is inversely proportional to the strength of the signal from the Cell ID facing the jammer. Simple trigonometry will help pinpoint its location accurately. More advanced jammers can broadcast MCC/MNC of regular networks without authentication, tricking the device into connecting to a dead-end BSC. If you have any doubts about a jammer, please contact your carrier. The carrier will send someone out to verify your coverage.

While there are several types of cell phone jammers, not all of them are suitable for all situations. They are not safe for use on people while driving. They can lead to an accident because distracted drivers can’t concentrate on the road. Instead of focusing on the road, they’ll be distracted by their cell phones. They can also cause accidents if they fall asleep while driving. If you do encounter such an incident, the best solution is to call the manager.

A cell phone jammer can be a valuable tool for tackling crime and reducing the use of cell phones. While active cell phone jamming is illegal, passive blocking of the signal is legal and can help keep people safer. Moreover, if you’re a parent, you may want to attach a cell phone jammer to your child’s mobile device. It’s possible for a babysitter to contact you, or an ambulance to your child’s school.

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