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Can Cell Phone Jammer Affect Exam?

18 antennas cell phone signal jammer
18 antennas cell phone signal jammer

The use of mobile phone jammers is a way to prevent distractions, especially during exams. It also stops cheating. Students were unable to get the correct answer to questions by using their cell phones. The Visvesaraya Technological University, Belagavi, has prohibited the use of mobile phones in the exam halls. In the past, this practice was illegal, but today, this is not the case.

As cell phones have become our habit, we are glued to our mobile phones. But prolonged use of cell phones can cause health problems, especially when it comes to eyesight. Furthermore, playing mobile phones can also make students neglect their studies. Cell phone jammers have been used in prisons, exam rooms, and schools for these reasons. In recent years, they have become more widely available in the domestic market. Unlike other devices that block cell signals, cell phone jammers only interfere with low-level signals. This way, they won’t interfere with mobile base stations.

A cellphone jammer has several advantages. The device can be used outside of the classroom. Its range is variable. It can also be turned off between lectures. Its range is limited, but it can still block signals. It can also be easily switched off in an emergency. Once it’s turned off, it instantly restores the signals. The jammer isn’t too powerful – it looks like a cell phone.

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