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Are Cell Phone Jammers Illegal in Australia?

Are Cell Phone Jammers Illegal in Australia?

are cell phone jammers illegal in australia

Are cell phone jammers illegal in Australia? Many people have this question on their mind, but are they really illegal? And how do they affect your health? Read on to find out more! This article answers these questions and more! Is cell phone jamming dangerous for your health? Is it illegal? What are the risks and benefits of using one? And is it worth the money? Let’s find out!


A Melbourne teenager was convicted of using a cell phone jammer to block cell phone signals while in class. The teenager said he used the device in various locations including his classroom. However, the ACMA did not say whether the device is illegal. In June, the ACMA referred the case to the DPP after receiving complaints from mobile phone companies claiming the interference compromised the performance of their networks. The ACMA is investigating the case to see if there are other implications.

There are many reasons why jammers are illegal. First, they can hinder the performance of emergency services like 911. It can also interfere with hospital pagers. This can be dangerous since 118,000 emergency calls each day are made from cell phones. Jammers can be dangerous. The Australian government has banned the sale and manufacture of cell phone jammers because they can cause accidents and even death. So, how do jammers work?

It’s still illegal

Even though cell phone jammers are illegal in many countries, some have allowed their use. In Israel, the use of jammers is allowed in theaters, mosques, and schools, but it must not extend outside the walls of the building. In South Africa, jammers are still illegal. There are several reasons why cell phone jammers are illegal in Australia. In Australia, it can lead to safety issues, including disruption of 911 calls and air-traffic control.

In recent months, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has destroyed nearly 100 illegal signal jammers in international mail. These devices are used to block the signals sent by mobile phones and GPS devices. This illegal practice could lead to fines of up to $250,000 and a two-year prison term if the device is detected. Additionally, cell phone jammers can prevent legitimate communications such as emergency calls. As a result, they can be dangerous and may result in a heart attack or death.


Earlier this year, the NSW government approved a trial of mobile phone jammers in jails. This trial will run for nine months in Lithgow Prison. If successful, this trial could be introduced in other NSW prisons. Corrective Services will use CJAM jammers to block signals within a specific perimeter. The company will pay $462,000 for the jammers. The trial comes after the Corrective Services proposed using jammers in prisons in 2009. After receiving many complaints from carriers, the government’s response has been largely tepid.

A number of countries have passed laws banning the use of cell phone jammers in public places. This is primarily because of concerns about the interference that these devices cause to radiocommunication services. The mobile phone signal is passed from a base station to a tower, which is why jamming devices interfere with this communication. The ACMA also issued a warning letter to the addressee for violating the ban.

Impact on health

In an attempt to understand the impact of mobile phone use on health, WHO established an international pooled analysis of data from 13 participating countries. This study found no increased risk for glioma or meningioma among those with the highest cumulative hours of cell phone use. However, the conclusions from this study are limited by biases and errors that make causal interpretation of the findings difficult. Accordingly, WHO has identified research priorities to assess the possible health risks from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.

In Iran, signal jammers are used in some cities. Despite its popularity, these devices can cause serious harm to the health of children and adults. Using a jammer could also damage satellites, and may result in cancer in humans. Further, it can disrupt weather monitoring systems, exposing citizens to life-threatening weather conditions. In 2014, the head of the Iranian Meteorological Organization said that one-third of its images for Tehran were unreadable. The failure to properly forecast the June 2014 storm could have been caused by these jammers.

Possible fines

The FCC has proposed possible fines for illegal cell phone jammers. The fines against a Florida man and a Chinese electronics maker were announced just over two years ago. The fines were announced without any formal defense. However, the FCC has not collected the fines, and enforcement may be difficult. In both cases, the FCC has said it is unlikely to collect the fine. This article outlines the possible fines against illegal cell phone jammers.

The fines for illegally operating a cell phone jammer are steep. Some users may face jail time, but Humphreys said that the fine is based on his bank account and not on the device itself. The fines may range anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, a hefty fine is still far from what most cell phone jammers are worth. However, in Florida, the fines for illegal use of cell phones will only apply if the jammer is used in an illegal manner.

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