6 Channel Cell Phone Desktop Wireless Signal Jammer with 16W High Power

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TX-E6F isolates wireless signals in a distance of 5-15 meter, efficiently radiating the high power RF frequency to cut off specific signals in 10 seconds when plugged. It can suit the different complex environment with an exquisite design of shape and tech.


1.Product Introduction

This Camera CCTV Cell Phone Shield Jammer is a mini size and cost effective one. It can shield 6 channel different signal at same time in 50-100 square meter area, with two large cooling fans.

Jamming Data

ChannelJamming FrequencyAverage Output Power

–The frequencies can be customized by your own need–


Product TypeTX-E6FCamera CCTV Cell Phone Shield Jammer
Jamming Range5-30 meter radius
Working Band6 channels customized
Average Output Power3-5 Watt
Total Output Power30 Watt
Sizebody 270*110*35mm
antenna 210*Ф15mm*6pcs
OutShell MaterialAluminum Alloy
Antenna TypeOmni directional Fiberglass Antenna
Work Temperature-40℃~75℃
Relative Humidity30~95%
Power Consumption≤ 120 W
Power InputAC110~240V
Power OutputDC 12V/10A

3.Product Feature

* Can directly use it on car with 12V power supply

* Long range shield 5-30 meter radius (-75dBm,open environement, considering the base station distance)

* High output power each channel 3-5W

* DC regulated power supply ensure a normal work even drastic voltage fluctuation

* All by original new electronic components and integrated circuits for stable high performance and long lifespan

* Latest re-oxidation tech on aluminum alloy out-shell for better heat dissipation and durable use

* Built in heat dissipation fin and fan also holes on each side to blow heat away fast

* Easy Installation for this Camera CCTV Cell Phone Shield Jammer

4.Multi Application

This Camera CCTV Cell Phone Shield Jammer is widely used in many field such as:

* Justice Administration: prison, detention house, reeducation center, public security, court, Procuratorate.

* Education: examination room, teaching classroom, dormitory, social examination sites, education training institution

* Conference room of Party and government offices and administrative unit

* Storehouse of Factory, Workshop, Mines, Assembly

* Military Place or Important Confidentiality Place

* Cinema, Theater, Concert hall, Memorial Hall, Auditorium, etc.

5.More Photo

Power Input and switch, Built-in large fans 6*6 cm

Camera CCTV Cell Phone Shield Jammer

Ventilation holes and fans, blow heat away very fast

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions22 × 11 × 11 cm

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