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3 Reasons to Buy a WiFi Jammer

There are many reasons to purchase a WiFi jammer. Not only do they protect your WiFi network but they can also help you keep track of your surroundings. With so many types to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that will be effective enough to keep everyone out. Here are three reasons to buy a WiFi jammer:

Mobile phone GPS 5G WIFI signal jammer

A mobile phone GPS 5G WIFI signal jammer is an important device for preventing the reception of wireless signals. Its high output power, which can reach 30 W per channel, will block the signals that are used by mobile phones. The jammer is extremely powerful, allowing it to block the signal from any type of mobile phone within a 30 meters radius. It also features an intelligent cooling system, which has 11 cooling fans in the device, four of which are located on the top. The jammer is able to control the shielding range of the cover with its built-in power settings. Its nonstop work will last for 7 days, and its high output power will keep the user from experiencing any interruption from the signal from mobile phones.

In addition to blocking the signal of cell phones, the jammer is capable of blocking a wide range of other wireless signals. Some of the more popular models of signal jammers include Bluetooth, UHF VHF and 3G/4G bands. These devices are made with the latest technologies to block GPS signals while being small enough to be hidden in a pocket or bag. This versatile signal jammer is a convenient device to keep on hand and will help you stay safe from the dangers of wireless communication.

12W 4G LTE WiFi signal jammer

This powerful and portable hand held jammer is capable of blocking 6 different frequency bands simultaneously. It features hidden and exposed antennas with total RF output power of 12 watts. It has separate switches for each band and features a working LED light. The user can also replace the battery easily. Its internal cooling fans make it operate continuously and the heat sink design keeps the surface temperature under 40 degrees even after prolonged operation.

The desktop version is built with a metal frame, forced ventilation system, and an external 220V power supply. It can operate 24 hours a day. Law enforcement agencies are the only people who can use this jammer, so it is exclusively available for them. To purchase this device, it is important to specify the desired frequency range and the frequency band. This information is essential when purchasing the device. It is important to purchase a device that works only for the frequency bands you need.

22-antenna 5G WiFi signal jammer

A 22-antenna 5G WiFi wireless signal jammer is an excellent choice if you wish to protect your WiFi network from prying eyes. It can completely block WiFi signals, cellular phone signals and GPS. You can use it in a number of places, such as a home, office or a car, where you want to protect yourself from intrusions. Its primary function is to block the interaction between the cell phone and the tower. It also interferes with GPS signals and LOJACK GPS, so it is perfect for any place where you want to avoid distractions from your phone.

A 22-antenna 5G WiFi communication signal jammer from teleJammers offers reliable and high-quality jamming solutions. All jammers have been thoroughly tested in several projects to ensure their stability and reliability. Furthermore, the company offers OEM manufacturing, free worldwide shipping via DHL express, wholesale and export prices and neutral packing. There are many benefits to using a WiFi signal jammer.

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